Official soundtracks

Music From Super Contra & A-JAX

Publisher:King Records
Release date:March 21, 1988 (re-released May 21, 1993)
Composers:Konami Kukeiha Club
Catalog number:K30X 7702, KICA 2307 (re-release)

1What is This Place (Demo title)
2Thunder Landing (BGM-1)
3Great Heli-Ruined Base (Helicopter Boss)
4Pattern Clear No.1
5In a Tight Squeeze (BGM-2)
6Ruined Base (Boss 1)
7Jungle Juncture (BGM-3)
8Creature From Outer Space (Boss 2)
9No Escape (BGM-4)
10Deathbed (BGM-5)
11Hotter Than Hell (Boss 3)
12Pattern Clear No.2 (Clear Pattern 2)
13Free World (Ending)
15Game Over
17M-1 (Unused track)
18M-2 (Unused track)
19M-3 (unused track)
20M-4 (unused track)
21Thunder Landing (BGM-1 Full arrange version)
22Deathbed/Hotter Than Hell (BGM-5+3 Full arrange version)

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Contra Spirits

Publisher:King Records
Release date:August 21, 1992
Composers:Masanori Adachi, Miki Higashino, Tappi Iwase
Catalog number:KICA 7604

1Alien Wars Begin (Title BGM)
2It's Time For Revenge (1st BGM)
3Bloody Storm (Boss BGM)
4Pattern Clear
5Select The Landing Point
6Megalopolis (2st BGM)
7Battle Runner (3st BGM)
8Daredevil (4st BGM)
9Hell Messenger (5st BGM)
10Go Forward Under Fire (6st BGM)
11The Showdown (Final Boss BGM)
12Return In Glory (End Credits)
13No Hope No Life (Game Over)
14Contra (Arcade): Ranking
15Super Contra (Arcade): What Is This Place ~ Thunder Landing ~ Great Heli-Ruined Base ~ Pattern Clear No.1
16Contra (Famicom): Triumph
17Contra (MSX 2): Maze Fortress 2 - Fortress of Ice
18Super Contra (Famicom): Thunder Landing ~ Free World ~ Game Over
19Contra (Game Boy): Ending Battle
20MIDI: It's Time For Revenge (1st BGM)
21MIDI: Megalopolis (2st BGM)
22MIDI: Daredevil (4st BGM)
23MIDI: The Showdown (Final Boss BGM)
24MIDI: Return In Glory (End Credits)

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Shin Contra Original Soundtrack

Publisher:Konami Music Entertainment
Release date:December 18, 2002
Composers:Akira Yamaoka, Sota Fujimori
Catalog number:KOLA016

2Select stage
5Stage Clear Jingle
6Mountains Area
7Battle Train
9Submarine Power Plant
11Super-Power Robot Yokozuna Jr
12Relic Of Moirai
13Destiny Confrontation
14The Crawler Tank
15Special Stage Clear Jingle
16Hell Drive
17The Dusk Gathers
19Sky To The Ocean
21Slave Beast Taka
22Lance Lullaby
23Survival Of The Fittest
24A True Last Boss
25Maximum Speed
26Critical Moment Of Contra
27Game Over Jingle

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Konami Game Music: Classic Contra

Publisher:Konami Digital Entertainment
Release date:May 15, 2007
Composers:Manabu Namiki, Konami Kukeiha Club
Catalog number:N/A
Notes:This is a digital-only release.

2Fight Of Jungle
3Maze Fortress 1
5What Is This Place
6Thunder Landing
7Great Heli-Ruined Base
8Pattern Clear No. 1
9In A Tight Squeeze
10Ruined Base
11Jungle Juncture
12Creature From Outer Space
13No Escape
15Hotter Than Hell
16Pattern Clear No. 2
17Free World
19Game Over

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Contra Dual Spirits Original Soundtrack

Publisher:Konami Digital Entertainment
Release date:March 13, 2008
Composers:Jake Kaufman, Kazuki Muraoka
Performers:Jake Kaufman, The Smash Bros
Catalog number:N/A
Notes:Exclusive pre-order gift in Japan only.

3Jungle Normal
4Jungle Hard
5Jungle Wall Boss
6Stage Clear
9Waterfall Boss
10Waterfall Boss Chase
12Base Boss
15Cyborg Factory
16Neo City
17Alien Hive Tunnel
18Heart Battle
19Boss Approaches
20The Winged Alien
21Harvest Yard
22Final Boss Battle
23Viper Returns
24Final Victory
25End Credits
26Game Over
28Harbor Arrangement

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Dracula Legend ReBirth & Contra ReBirth Soundtrack

Publisher:Konami Digital Entertainment
Release date:March 24, 2010
Composers:Manabu Namiki, Konami Kukeiha Club
Catalog number:LC1850
Notes:This is a digital-only release.

17Contra [Title] (Contra)
18Alien's Den [Demo] (Contra Hard Corps)
19Player Select [Select character] (Contra Force)
20Battle Of The Jungle [Stage 1] (Contra)
21Hotter Than Hell [Boss A] (Super Contra)
22Triumph 1 Clear Stage (Contra)
23It's Time For Revenge [Stage 2] (Contra Spirits)
24Contra Area 2 BGM [Stage 3] (Operation C)
25GTR Attack! [Boss B] (Contra Hard Corps)
26The Foggy Cave In The Darkness [Stage 4A] (Contra Hard Corps)
27Deathbed [Stage 4B] (Super Contra)
28Dread Beat [Stage 5] (Contra)
29Last Springsteen [Final Boss] (Contra Hard Corps)
30Return In Triumph [Ending]
31Game Over (Contra)
33Contra ReBirth Another Medley