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And we have a winner

Posted on Tuesday, 2011-04-05   Share
The results are in for the poll where I asked you who your favorite Hard Corps character is. With a whopping 59.1%, Sheena Etranzi sweeps the floor with her fellow Hard Corps comrades. I knew Sheena was popular among fans, but I had no idea Brad Fang and the rest would be so far behind. Here are the results:

Ray Poward 11%  
Sheena Etranzi 59.1%  
Brad Fang 17.5%  
Browny 12.3%  

Total voters: 154

A new poll has been started right now, so check it out and cast your vote!

In conjunction with the release of "Hard Corps: Uprising" on the PlayStation Network, Konami is now offering some neat outfits that let you dress up as either Bahamut or Krystal - you can even get their huge-ass guns if you'd like. Or if you prefer something more subtle, there's also t-shirts with the "Hard Corps: Uprising" logo on em'.

You may also be interested to know that Leviathan, Bahamut's bitter rival (who reminds me a lot of Deadeye Joe, btw), is now available for download as a playable character. He's apparently a bit harder to use than the other characters, but comes with a few slick moves. So if you're looking for a challenge, Leviathan is your guy.
Kenji Yamamoto celebrates the release of Hard Corps: Uprising

In case you've completely missed it, Hard Corps: Uprising is now out on Xbox Live Arcade and should be heading to PlayStation Network soon. The game has received somewhat mixed reviews so far, but the majority of people who have played it seem to love it! I would review the game myself, but unfortunately there's two things holding me back; I don't own an Xbox 360 and my PS3 is currently out of commission, which sucks. But there's plently of reviews out there already, so here's a few you might want to check out:

» video review
» GameSpot review
» RipTen review
» Co-Optimus review
Hard Corps: Uprising

At long last, Konami delivers some new screenshots of Hard Corps: Uprising. In contrast to the previously seen desert and jungle environments, we get a glimpse of a futuristic city stage and also what appears to be some sort of factory stage. As the end of this year draws ever closer, one can't help but wonder why no release date has been revealed yet. Winter 2010 is pretty much... now. So Konami, would you tell us the date already? :)

Check out the screenshots at Kotaku.

China's getting a Contra remake

Posted on Monday, 2010-11-15   Share
Chinese Contra arcade remakeIt seems Konami is busy working on a new arcade game which is a remake of the original Contra! There's just one big catch; it's most likely going to be released only in China. The game is currently in beta form and Konami recently held an event at the Tianhe Department Store in Guangzhou for people to check out this beta version. Four different characters will be selectable, though it's not exactly clear who they are. Two of them certainly look like Bill and Lance, but then there's two female characters who don't seem familiar at all.

I can't confirm this yet, but according to good old Google Translate the game has a subtitle; "Contra: Evolution Revolution". You may be interested to know that it's already been released for mobile phones. I haven't had the chance to try it myself, but apparently it's pretty disappointing.

Check out photos from the beta release event, and this promotional poster.
Big kudos go out to Iniche for stumbling upon this info!

An update for the curious

Posted on Sunday, 2010-10-31   Share
If you're thirsty for trivial knowledge about Contra, then head on over to the new pages "General trivia" and "References and cameos". I should've done this a long time ago (the old site actually had a small trivia section), but I just haven't had the energy to do it, but now I finally got off my lazy ass and did it. These pages dive deeper into things you may or may not know about Contra. If you're into that sort of stuff, I'm sure you'll find lots of interesting info.

In other slightly related news, the upcoming 8-bit styled game "Retro City Rampage" has a few Contra references sprinkled throughout the game. Aside from video games, there's lots of really funny references to 90's pop culture like Beastie Boy's "Sabotage" and Family Matters. Also, fans of Contra 4 might be interested to know that Jake Kaufman a.k.a virt is involved in the soundtrack.

"Retro City Rampage" is coming soon to Nintendo's WiiWare service. In the meantime, you can check out 10 minutes of glorious in-game footage here!
Like this, only 10x better!

The producer of the latest Castlevania game "Lords of Shadow", Dave Cox, recently spoke with Eurogamer about his wish to create a brand new Contra game together with Konami. Dave Cox works at MercurySteam, a relatively new game developer with a modest list of merits. However, "Lords of Shadow" has been met with generally positive reception so far, which is definitely a promising sign. Here’s what Dave has to say:

"I’ve made no secret I’d love to do Contra. Castlevania and Contra are the reasons I got into the game business. So I would love to do Contra next. Getting a project off the ground is not easy, especially within Konami. For whatever reason it's about trust, it's about respect. We had to get our foot in the door and we've done it with this game. It's not easy. If the opportunity came up to do Contra I would jump at the chance. Perhaps it'll be easier now. Who knows? We'll see."

Contra has not had a whole lotta luck in the 3D department over the years, but Neo Contra showed us that the potential is definitely there. Now if MercurySteam can go easy with the silliness and turn up the difficulty I’m all for another shot at a 3D game!

Read the entire article on Eurogamer here.

Bill and Lance infiltrate PlayStation Home

Posted on Friday, 2010-10-08   Share
Bill and Lance Playstation Home gearOwn a Playstation 3? Like to spend money on clothes that don’t actually exist... in real life, that is? Well then, go ahead and log onto Playstation Home and purchase your very own official Contra gear! Dress up as either Bill Rizer or Lance Bean, in their classic late 80’s attire.

The costume sets include blue/red bandanas, cargo camouflage pants, boots, shirtless mode (!), Bill's white tank-top and of course a big-ass gun. You can buy each set for $2.99 or just get any individual parts you like separately. There's also a "Co-op Bundle" offer for $4.99.

Konami is also planning to release a couple of personal spaces themed after their franchises, so perhaps there's a chance we’ll even see a Contra-themed personal space at some point?

Hard Corps: Uprising intro and gameplay

Posted on Sunday, 2010-10-03   Share
Hard Corps: Uprising intro

Back in August I stumbled upon a leak of the intro sequence for Hard Corps: Uprising on YouTube. Unfortunately it was taken down shortly thereafter, never to be seen again., however, have now (legally of course) posted the final version of this intro! It's pretty much the same, except the song used in it has been touched up a little. Also, the Contra logo doesn't appear at the end anymore, so I guess it was nothing but a temporary title. I also found out the intro animation was done by Studio4°, who've previously worked on animes such as Memories, Spriggan, The Animatrix and Tekkon Kinkreet.

Some more gameplay footage has been released as well, showing more of the jungle stage. Notice there's a rockin' remix of the Contra boss music playing while fighting against the second wall boss! Though, I have to say those enemy voices are probably going to get a little annoying after a while.

The Full Intro Cut-Scene -
Level and Boss Gameplay -
Parts 7 and 8 are now up, go check 'em out in the articles page! It's come to my attention that I've missed a few appearances here and there, so I'll add them when I have the time. Hardest part of doing these is getting the proper screenshots, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find some of them! Anyway, thanks again to Iniche for helping out with making these articles as complete as possible!

There's also a new "Icons & Avatars" page in the media section, with currently 25 different icons to download and use for various instant messaging services, or just as forum avatars. Hope you find one you like!
Hard Corps: Uprising screenshot

French game site Jeuxvidéo24 has posted some brand new, hi-res screenshots showing more of the colorful rainforest stage we saw last month. As seen in the picture above, you'll encounter the classic wall boss in this stage as well, which is (correct me if I'm wrong here) a first for the series. We also get a better look at the robot alligator enemies and some weird-looking plants that shoot explosive spores and what appears to be a poisonous gas. I think I spot some robot spiders in there as well :)
Harley and Sayrui from Hard Corps: UprisingThe series continues with two more parts, covering bosses like "Big Fuzz", "Metal Alien" and more. That leaves us with one remaining part, unless I've completely forgotten some other famous boss (actually, Iniche was kind enough to point out some bosses I've overlooked, so look forward to a few more parts later!). Check out part 5 here and part 6 here.

In other news, I recently spoke with gamecheat13, the guy who uploaded the opening cinematic for Hard Corps: Uprising on YouTube. Apparently he knows the names of the two extra characters! The guy with the outrageous pompadour hairdo is Harley Daniels (how's that for a manly name?) and the samurai chick's name is Sayrui. If you happened to catch the video while it was still online, you may recall there was also a bad-guy in red armor, this fellow (or is it a lady?) is called Leviathan. So there you have it!

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