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Fansites & other related links

Black Viper Contra Repository
Iniche's blog-based site dedicated to the official Contra games.
Red Falcon Contra Treasury
His other site which covers the more obscure and unofficial side of Contra.
The Contra Headquarters
Kurt Kalata's old fansite, which unfortunately isn't updated anymore.
Contra Legend
A japanese fansite with a lot of good content you won't find anywhere else.
Holy crap, a french Contra fansite?
Contra Wiki
Yes, there's a Contra Wiki. At the moment it lacks content, so help out if you can!
Homage to Contra III
Maddox explains why Contra III is one of the best games ever made.
Konami Code Sites
This is a large list of sites that use the Konami code in some way!

Creations by fans

Godzilla vs. Contra
Red Falcon's army is no match for Japan's legendary movie monster.
String quartet performs Contra music
There's plenty of metal arrangements out there, so here's something a little different!
Contra Vs. Tetris
Funny animation where the worlds of Contra and Tetris collide.
Uwe Boll's Contra
What if the bane of game-to-film adaptations took on Contra?
Contra Hard as F#$@ Corps
A rather unique and funny review of Contra Hard Corps :)
Contra Twins
Awesome! Someone made custom Mad Dog & Scorpion action figures!
Super Mario Crossover
A complete remake of Super Mario Bros. with other playable characters, including Bill Rizer!
The first level from Contra, now playable as a Half-Life mod.
LittleBig Contra
All the original Contra levels, remade entirely in LittleBigPlanet.
Contra Trailer
A cheesy mock trailer of a live action Contra movie made by Team Awesome.
Stage 1 in Lego
Like the title says, it's the first stage made with nothing but Lego :)
Jake "Virt" Kaufman's epic megamix with all of the songs arranged into one long piece.
Vile Red Falcon
Another song by Virt which turned up again in Contra 4 on Nintendo DS five years later!
Contra vs. Duck Hunt
What if Contra met Duck Hunt?