Super C

This port of Super Contra for the NES brought the same action from the arcade game into the home of players, with improved controls and added levels. The story remains the same; penetrate the mind-controlled GX Army's defenses and enter Red Falcon's alien hive where a new powerful threat is waiting.

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Reviewed by Fox_McCloud

A few years after the success of Contra, Konami ported Super C to the NES. Super C doesn't differ much from it's predecessor, it's just about shooting everything that moves and frankly, that's a good thing. The mechanics have been significantly upgraded from the arcade version, particulary jumping and the bug where your gunshots wouldn't immediately go the way you're pointing your gun. Super C's gameplay is just top notch and flawless making this game just as - if not more - fun then it's predecessor Contra for the NES.

The graphics for Super C, like Contra, have been reduced so the NES would be able to deal with it, yet at the same time, the graphics of Super C are much better then the NES version of Contra. Everything looks clean, slick and overall Super C can somewhat be considered one of the best NES games, graphical wise. The animation of the characters and enemies, once again, like Contra, are somewhat questionable, but during all the heavy action, you probably won't be paying attention to this detail.

Audio-wise, Super C doesn't disappoint. After playing the first level for the hundredth time already, I'm still not tired of listening to the Thunder Landing song. The music is mostly very action oriented and catchy and you can't get them out of your head once you start listening to them. The sound effects are also highly satisfying. Bosses exploding and gunshots are just examples of some of the high quality SF's you'll hear. It's quite a feat that a game with limited sound capabilities can produce such high quality audio, but Super C most certainly does. (Site owner note: those sampled orchestra hits are awesome!)

You should note though, that Super C is far more easier on the NES then its arcade nephew, Super Contra. It's still no walk in the park though, since enemies tend to swarm around you in a frustrating kind of way, but even so, you shouldn't have that much trouble, thanks to the incredibly responsive controls.

If you enjoyed Contra, you'll enjoy Super C. It contains all ingredients of a good Contra experience and while not differing much from the previous Contra, it still feels surprisingly fresh giving you one incredible thrill after another.

Released Japan  February 2, 1990
North America  April, 1990
Europe  1992
Other titles Super Contra (Japan)
Probotector 2: Return Of The Evil Forces (Europe)
Platform Famicom / NES
Ports Nintendo DS (Contra 4 bonus)
Windows (Konami Collector's Series)
Wii (Virtual Console)
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Staff Shigeharu Umezaki (director)
Hidenori Maezawa (composer)
Players 1-2 players

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