Contra: Legacy of War

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Reviewed by Mike The Weasel

Legacy of war was the first Contra game to be on Sony's Playstation, but sadly the game stinks. they made this side scroller into a top veiw scroller for the entire game making it harder to dodge enemy fire. I'll tear apart in detail of each part of the game...

The boxart was nice to look at, but i lowered the score due to the fact that the artist made Ray (known from the contra sleeper title HARD CORPS) into a giant steroid pumping behemoth. plus the artist add one too many veins on ray's body.

(Note: I'm reviewing the graphics as it was like when the game was released) The graphics were good. It was a nice mix of 2D and 3d charaters. Some of the bosses were very nice to look at (especially the tank miniboss in level 1) although some of the bosses look very generic (like the 2nd miniboss in the fortress level it looked kinda like Tofu with metal arms).

The gameplay was moderate. The view in Legacy of War made the game more difficult than previous contra titles. Also, the 3D system they added into LOF was kinda useless due to the fact that you need 3d glasses and they weren't available with the game and the probability of finding 3D glasses now is really slim. Like i said earlier the camera view made it harder for the player to dodge bullets. In order to give this game a full review i had to restort to cheating in the game just to finish it for this reveiw.

The story was kinda generic and weird. In the first half of the game it was generic storyline. Terrorists taking over the world. You're sent in to kick their asses and save the world. Then after the fortress it gets a little weird, there's a cutscene of one of the main badguys talking about absorbing you into his brain. I was going "What the f**k" when i was listening. And it gets weirder, the final level being a planet and if you play as Ray it's even more weird cause you're fighting a planet.. in space.. with no atmosphere O_o;. I was saying to myself "How can he breathe. There's no air in space.... but that is kinda off-topic.

Some Hardcore Contra fans might overlook the game's problems and find a nice shoot em up for the price of 10 dollars or cheaper. For the normal gamers I might suggest to either play the previous Contras or Shattered Soldier.

Released North America  November, 1996
Europe  March 30, 1997
Platform PlayStation, Sega Saturn
Developer(s) Appaloosa Interactive
Publisher(s) Konami
Players 1-2 players

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