The recurring bosses of Contra - Part 8

Written by Recoil

Small Missile Submarine "Nouei"

For the first time in the Contra series you get to fight against naval forces. The army that stole the alien remains (or Black Viper, depending on which manual you read) have prepared an explosive greeting for Bill Rizer, using a submarine armed with multiple gun turrets and missiles.

Operation C
The submarine makes its first appearance.

Contra 4
16 years later, a much more detailed version shows up on Nintendo DS.

Rocket Ninja Sasaki

Yes, Red Falcon's army even has ninjas. With jetpacks, no less. Sasaki is an expert in close combat, but can be just as deadly from a distance if you happen to get in the way of his shuriken weapons. Apparently, Sasaki moves so fast he leaves afterimages of himself!

Contra III: The Alien Wars
Rocket Ninja Sasaki makes his first appearance, armed with shurikens, a katana blade and a grappling hook.

Contra: Hard Corps
A slightly smaller version chases you in the second stage.

Contra ReBirth
The ninja makes a somewhat unexpected return after all these years, but seems to have left his sword behind. He also looks a bit like Predator, doesn't he?