The recurring bosses of Contra - Part 5

Written by Recoil

Daikaku Robo Big Fuzz

After a couple of homages to the Alien movies, the graphics designers needed a new popular Hollywood franchise to pay tribute to. Meet "Big Fuzz", a gigantic Terminator skeleton who breathes fire, shoots lasers from its eyes and throws time bombs at you! This mechanical monster is essentially the big daddy of the Robo Brothers you just fought, and he's not looking happy.

Contra III: The Alien Wars
Big Fuzz makes his first appearance.

C: The Contra Adventure
Here we see a redesigned version, again preceded by two smaller robots. This one doesn't breathe fire, though.

Contra 4
The big guy makes his return in one of the game's 3D levels, chasing you down the corridors of Black Viper's robot factory.

Floating Bird Nest Garth Base

Garth? As in Wayne's World Garth? Garth Brooks?? No, that's actually the name of the winged soldiers that appear in Super C and Contra III. Just... don't ask. Anyway, this small aircraft starts scouring the area with its searchlight while bombing the ground. Once it's done bombing, two hatches on the sides open up and "Garth" soldiers jump out to get you (how they all fit inside there is something of a mystery, but that's video game logic for ya').

Contra III: The Alien Wars
The Garth Base makes its first appearance.

Contra: Shattered Soldier
A more compact model, but now it's just regular soldiers that jump out from the hatches.