The recurring bosses of Contra - Part 2

Written by Recoil

Emperor Demon Gyaba

This monstrous creature is often mistakenly called Red Falcon, a misconception that seems to have started with Contra III, where Gyaba is seen in the intro sequence. This also caused people to view him as the leader of Red Falcon. Another thing contributing to this idea is that he's traditionally been the last boss in one of the final stages. He's also gone under the name "Jagger Froid" in the west.

A little known fact is that the idea for this boss came from Battlantis, another shoot-em-up game released by Konami one year before Super Contra. You can watch a video of this boss battle here.

Super Contra (Arcade)
Gyaba makes his first appearance.

Contra (NES)
Here he is in the NES version, but no longer the final boss.

Contra III: The Alien Wars
This time, once you blow the head to pieces you have to face his brain!

Contra: Hard Corps
Colonel Bahamut's meddling with the alien DNA seems to have created a radically different, mutated version of Gyaba!

Contra: Shattered Soldier
Death comes from below as the battle takes place inside Lance's body.

Neo Contra
A badly damaged Gyaba has been preserved by Neo Contra and turned into a cyborg.

Contra 4
Perhaps the fiercest incarnation yet. The arms can stretch much further this time.

Contra ReBirth
Very reminicent of the old Contra III look.