Neo Contra theme lyrics

Composed by Sota Fujimori, vocals by Paula Terry, lyrics by Jason Enos and Nobuya Nakazato.

Neo Contra!
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Neo Contra!

The smell of dusty sand and ambition
The taste of sweet victory and volition
Sensory overload, it's time to rebel
Dangerous guys are back from hell
Neo Contra!

Rebuild and destroy, the hope of despair
Annihiliate and exterminate an enemy's lair
Stand against the soldier to protect our nation
No matter what happens, you're the salvation
Moments of truth beckons the danger
Aggression and combat releases the anger
Accomplish the mission, satisfaction fulfilled
Go between life and death without getting killed

Now Mephestopheles induces you into hell
Join the death pilgrimage, destroy and dispel, oh
Humanity's future rests with you
Oh - Neo Contra!